Welcome to the team, Emily!

As a graphic designer with MBI, Emily Miller specializes in design layout and content writing.  She is quickly learning website design, print and production, and video animation.  She has a strong attention to detail and enjoys working with typography.  She is always ready to learn new aspects of the industry to better herself as a designer and team member. 

Emily grew up in central Phoenix, Arizona, spending most of her time in school and competitive swimming with her four siblings.  When she wasn’t in the pool, she was at the piano.  She worked with the Valley of the Sun YMCA for a number of years, first as a lifeguard and then as fundraising administrator, and spent some time volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul and Maggie’s Place.  When she entered college, she was set to study mechanical engineering, but quickly realized a much greater talent for art.  Graphic design came up as a way to turn fine arts into a career and gradually turned into a passion as well.

Today, Emily is a senior at Benedictine University, Mesa, studying both Graphic Design as well as Management and Organizational Behavior, with a minor in Human Resources Management.  In the spring of 2018, she served as editor-in-chief for the student magazine, Around the Ben, responsible for designing, advertising, and editing.  She also self-published her own short story and is an accomplished fine artist, working with charcoal, ink, and bailing wire.  Several of her short stories have been published in the student magazine, Around the Ben, and she received recognition for a fine art piece in the Phoenix College art show in spring 2018.

One of Emily’s long-term goals is to work all over the world on a free-lance basis, in order to devote time to her family and creative interests, like writing, music, and drawing.

Last year, she took up the cello for fun and violin when she can.  After her swimming career, she began working to overcome an old injury and training to run her first a half marathon.  In her spare time, she manages the website for her dad’s small painting business.

When she’s not training, you can usually find Emily in a comfy armchair with a book, her dachshund, and a cup of peppermint tea.

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