Paul Lawson, Vice President at the Market Builder, Inc.

Paul Lawson

Vice President

Paul Lawson leads the companies’ operations as Vice President. Paul’s career began in 1993, when his parents incorporated The Market Builder. Since then, Paul has filed nearly every roll in the organization. He grew up in the industry as a third-generation marketeer.  

Over the past years, the organizations direction has purposely shifted to providing multi-channel communication services and software solutions for non-profit organizations. It’s overarching mission to use the gifts bestowed upon us and the skills acquired through our experience to advance the missions of non-profit organizations. We do this by aiding in raising capital though individual donations marketing campaigns, building communications systems or applications that increase engagement while lowering overall operational costs, allowing the organization and its members to make a great impact in our community.  

Paul’s experiences and tenure has provided him the opportunity to develop and refine a great deal of knowledge and expertise. His work passions are organization management & strategic planning, traditional and e-marketing, multi-channel communications, immersive web applications, software development, mechanical equipment engineering, integrations services, marketing strategy, data management, hygiene and analytics, creative and copywriting, printing and bindery. 

Paul is most proud of his family. His wife Amanda, and their three children, Evan, Taylor and Zoey. Plus… Sam the poodle. He is happiest when we are all together and doing “stuff” it really does not matter what as long as it’s together. However outdoors and up north out of the heat is preferred.  

Paul’s core beliefs stem from the 10 commandments, and man’s inalienable rights. These are echoed both in how he tries to represent himself personally as well as professionally. He values, honesty, timeliness, enthusiasm communication, quality and hard work.