Peggy Lawson, President at the Market Builder, Inc.

Peggy Lawson


Shortly after moving their family to Mesa, AZ in 1992, Peggy and her husband Keith founded the Market Builder, Inc. They saw a need for helping business save money through successful marketing and data management. What began as a small business in the spare bedroom in the Lawson home became a professional, multi-faceted company, central to the Mesa community. In her work today, Peggy produces success by drawing on her more than forty years of experience in marketing, management, and data management.

Whether in her hometown of Calgary or her family’s home in Mesa, Peggy has always been an active member of the community, volunteering and mentoring anything from Cub Scouts and Brownies with her children to major community projects, such as serving on the board for her church during a capital fund campaign. Today, she serves on the Board of Under the Shelf, supporting them in their mission to attend to the unique emotional needs of law enforcement, fire service, EMS, and military and their families. As the Co-Founder of the Market Builder, Inc., Peggy also works with the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations, nonprofit organizations serving the homeless and needy, and food banks.

Peggy has received several formal acknowledgements for her successes, including the Lifetime Achievement Award. She also serves as one of the Head Ambassadors for the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, representing the Chamber’s interests when necessary.